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Current research fields

  Multidimensional time-series
The study of multidimensional time-series is oriented to both their classification and the evolution of their correlation structure along time. For this aim, both principal component analysis and hierarchical factor classification are taken into account. To study the variation of the correlation structure of time-series along time, evolutionary methods are developing. Applications may be found in stock markets, dendrochronology, and climatology.

  Archaeology with Alessandro di Ludovico (Sapienza) and Elena Rova (Ca' Foscari Venice University)
The main study consists in the identification of the most suitable methods to analyze images, to classify them and if necessary to estimate characters, such as origin, use, or date. The choice of describing the images through a formalized text, that allows the use of multidimensional textual analysis, seems effective: in fact, the use of repeated segments allows to enlarge the analysis from the single iconographic elements to the most elemental syntactic structures.

  Geomorphometry with Maurizio Poscolieri (IDASC - CNR) - As associate to IDASC - CNR
The studies in geomorphometry concern the development of a complete methodology, implemented in a computer program, for the morphometric analysis of a DEM image.
  Numerical ecology presently with Valério D. Pillar (UFRGS - Porto Alegre, Brasile), as special visiting researcher at UFRGS
The study concerns the revision and the development of multidimensional methods useful in ecological quantitative researches.

  Linguistics with Gastão C. Gomes (UFRJ - Rio de Janeiro)
The applications to linguistics concern the use of Multiple Correspondence Analysis on data originating from linguistics problems.
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